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  • Food Safety courses accredited by CIEH Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Fire Safety accredited by BIIAB
  • BIIAB accredited Alcohol Licence Certificate


  • FSMS document based on FSA GUIDELINES
  • Temperature Record Sheets (TRS) to follow HACCP practices and procedures
  • Site Inspection Audit (BASIC): Report and Recommendations
  • Site Inspection Audit (COMPREHENSIVE): Report and Recommendations
  • Pre-opening Audit by a fully qualified EHO: Report and Recommendations
  • Catering SWOT analysis
  • Menu planning, staff training and mentoring
  • New/start-up business mentoring and support
  • Food Premises design, lay out, technical drawings and technical support
  • Support for Food hygiene and safety legal compliance


  • Assisting with FHSM document compilation and all relevant Defence of Due Diligence (DDD) forms and documentations. Introducing and implementing HACCAP
  • Providing periodical updates on prevailing FH&S legislation in line with EU directives.
  • Periodical in-house FH&S audits by appropriately qualified consultant.

A Professional Approach

  • Personal attention with a Professional approach

  • Wealth of “hands on” experience and in-sight in Hospitality sector

  • Well focused and Result oriented solutions to your frequently pressing issues

  • Affordable, transparent and very reasonably structured fee/charges.

Meet the Team


Hasanali Khoja


Mr. Hasanali Khoja

Mr. H. KHOJA has extensive experience in Main-stream Hospitality sector and in Environmental Health and Food hygiene and safety related matters. His professional membership includes:

  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)
    Membership No: 368263
  • Institute of Hospitality (I of H)
    Membership No: 819760
  • Royal Society for Promotion of Health (RSPH)
    Membership No: 0026220

Mr. Khoja is also a Registered Training Provider under the CIEH Training Account No: CATE0001.


K A Badami


Komail Badami is a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant – FCCA and has a BSc (Hons). He is a member of Global Forum ACCA. He heads the Finance team at Premier Banqueting & Caterers and is also part of the managing team of an Accounting Firm both locally and internationally. His exposure to Accounting and Finance and diversified experience brings a positive boost to the company.